Workflow Overview


First things first, what do you need? Through client surveys we discover your business’s brand strategy, goals, and overall vibe; enabling us to achieve your goals. This is essential for any project and a good chunk of time goes into this first phase.


After we learn about your business and its goals we can start creating an action plan. We design a site architecture based on the given content.Tthis is the overall flow of the website (a tiered flow chart).


This is where the fun begins. At this time we start laying out the design for the site through wireframes. Wireframes are a black outlined placeholders to represent the layout of the website. It is like a blueprint for a house showing you where everything is located and how it functions together.

Visual Concepts

Implementing your brand starts here. A few visual concepts will be created according to branding specifications discussed in the discovery phase. We will collaborate on what works with each concept and what doesn’t, then compile them into a final visual design.

HTML & CSS Templates

Now we begin producing the actual website. We break up the final visual design into pieces and put them back together in compliance with the current standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This allows us to test the design across all platforms and browsers.


Almost there. To create the protosite — a fully operational website visible to a select few individuals — we import all the text and media into the HTML & CSS templates. A content management system (CMS) is generally used; this will allow you to easily create and maintain the content of the final website.


Once the protosite is tested and refined we can launch the website. We monitor the website for a few days to make sure everything is working smoothly after the transfer.


Once everything is in working order we will train the people assigned to manage the website. We teach them how to update, add, and delete content and media on the website. Resources will also be provided for future reference.