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Project Summary

Dream for a Cure is a new informational website geared towards Cystic Fibrosis awareness and fundraising. Maranda’s previous ways to raise awareness were by attending walks with a team named “Maranda Hansen and Friends” with the tagline of “CF Under Destruction.” These methods are going to be continued but possibly under a new team name of “Dream for a Cure.” The main goals for this new site are to raise awareness, raise money for CFF, share CF-related news, alert people of events, and to inform friends and family of her personal health. Overall, the main goal is to raise money with a personal approach. This new site will be a portal for donating money through Great Strides (a CFF child-company). The long term goals for this site are for it to become the “go-to” site for information related to Maranda and her fundraising events. People are used to Facebook events and word of mouth so it may take some time for people to think “check the website!” (There are not many websites dedicated to individuals with Cystic Fibrosis.

Audience Profile

There are three main target audiences: Friends & family, other CFers, and ill-informed people (people that don’t know much about CF). Friends and family age anywhere from college-age to grandparents. Friends will be low on money and wouldn’t be able to donate much money but they can participate in events and help advertise events. Grandparents and other family members can both donate money and participate. Other CFers will be able to learn about events in the Puget Sound area, read relative news, and learn about another person with CF. People that aren’t educated about Cystic Fibrosis will be able to learn about the disease and how it affects lives, feel that they have a personal connection with Maranda, and be heart-tugged to donate.

Some tasks that all the audience groups will be able to perform on the site are donate to CFF, read the latest medicine advancements, and learn about upcoming events to participate in or advertise.

These people care about this fundraising “group” because it will have a personal approach. People will want to return to Maranda’s site because it will keep them up-to-date with her health and other CF news and events. It will be a good resource for information.


There is no current website but people are supportive of Maranda’s current team because it is personable and she keeps her friends and family up-to-date on her health and events; she sends out a yearly letter to family and friends updating them on her past year and what the future holds in regards of events and life choices. We want the viewers to think that the website contains valuable information, as well as it being easily accessible. They should also think that it is a website focused on a girl. To achieve these goals we will structure a simple information architecture for the content. We will also make a design that has feminine colors and feminine flair, but with a conservative amount of professionalism.

Communication Strategy

She wants the target audiences to think they are supporting a good cause by donating or attending events. This will be accomplished through a personal approach, make them feel like the know Maranda and want to support her peers in finding a cure for CF. Information about CF will also be present on the website to educate people in the disease. Why people should donate will be the tone of the copy.

Donating will be done on a different site, but one that has been used for the walks and has become the trusted way of donating (which Maranda’s current supporters already trusts). Before being directed to the off-site donation page a short paragraph will be near the donate link stating they will be taken to a new page. Donate links will be across the website in a pleasant fashion; They will be on event pages, homepage, and on other relative pages throughout the site.

Success of the new site will be measured by analytics and by comparing the amount of online donations to previous years without a website.


The main website that people go to for information about CF is cff.org, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website. CFers can have a single personal page through Great Strides (their walk events) but it is rare to find a personal website for a particular person with CF. This will set Maranda’s team apart from other teams because they will have a greater online presence.