River of Life Community Church

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Project Summary

River of Life needed a new website that could be used on a number of devices, around the world. They needed a way to “evangelize the lost, edify the saved, and minister to those in need.” Anyone, from anywhere, needed to be able to access the site; the whole site’s architecture was reconstructed from the ground up to ease the flow of content. Every page can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, and phone; with every aspect easily accessible by mouse, keyboard, or touch.

The redesign needed to bring in the energetic Sunday Morning services. Life’s beauty, multiple generations, wide variety of culture, and the rise of social media all played important roles in the visual and conceptual designs.

Audience Profile

The church wanted to target three main people: church members, new community members, and people around the world. Church members would be able to get up-to-date information on services, weekly groups, and events. New community members would be able to get all the information they needed for their first visit to River of Life. People around the world could listen to sermons, learn about missions in their area, and get information for a potential visit. Multiple generations needed to have access to the site; fonts are a bit larger, links have a bigger target area, high contrast, Google Translate plugin, and social sharing enabled for the more hip crowd.


River of Life is perceived as a charismatic, loving church. When new comers, and members, walk into the building they are greeted with a smile and a sincere “how are you?” The church is always helping families with events, hard times, and household chores from cooking meals for those in need to replacing roofs. The site needed to reflect the love and energy of the church body.