Web Development

We can develop new functionality for your existing website.


We can develop plugins and themes that meet your business goals.

WordPress is a great tool for managing content on a website. It originally started out as a blogging system but has grown to a full-blown content management system. It has a huge development group from around the world. There are thousands of plugins to meet any of your needs.


PHP and MySQL allow websites to have dynamic content. Once a website is setup with PHP and MySQL the client can change the content without knowing how to code.

We can design databases and create backend interfaces to manage the data and the frontend to display the content.

PHP is also used for contact forms, tracking users, credit card payments, and other interactive elements.


All websites are made using some form of HTML and CSS. We comply with the latest standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

We can turn your design into a live website or edit the structure and styles you have already.

Media Integration

Photo galleries, videos, and audio allow your viewers to get a better feel of your services and products. No need to use outside sources, we can develop how these forms of media are viewed with slideshows, photo galleries, video players, and audio players.

We can also integrate your company’s YouTube channel, off-site photo gallery, and audio playlists into your website.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to engage your audience. We can integrate those engagements; display your latest Tweet, allow Facebook comments for pages, or ‘Like us’ buttons.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript and jQuery provide smooth transitions in photo galleries, live content changes, and visual queues to user-clicks. These functions assist human interactions. Humans rely on instant, organic feedback when interacting with objects. The same is for the web. jQuery is the modern replacement for Adobe Flash.

Some things we can develop with JavaScript & jQuery include:

  • Slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Mobile-friendly navigation menus
  • “Flash”-like animations
  • Live form validation